Working conditions

IberusExperience is committed to offer the postdoctoral fellows the best facilities to run their research projects, and the best environment to support their activities.

Administrative and financial support will be offered to the fellow and hosting research group to guarantee an easy-going contract appointment and proper welcoming, so that the fellow can smoothly integrate in his/her new live in Campus Iberus.

Administrative units from the recruiting institutions, such us, Human Resources, Research Management, International Center, Student Care, Research Departments, will work together to take care of the fellow in terms of contract signature, VISA issues, research funds management, trips and accommodation arrangements, etc.

Additionally, the participants will take part in:

  • Research and training activities organised by the hosting research group.
  • Interdisciplinary and inter-sectorial skills training offered by Campus Iberus and their universities.
  • IberusConnect online platform to connect international PhDs and researchers.

All relevant facilities of the 4 Universities will be at the fellows’ disposal, according to the research area of choice.





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Besides the universities research facilities, specific activities and secondments are offered at hosting collaborators at national and international level, as one of the IberusExperience objectives is to enhance the researchers career development and professional opportunities in the whole R&I ecosystem beyond Academia.