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Ref. University Area · subarea Key words Supervisor in hosting research group
UR-FCL University of La Rioja Chemical Science and Technology; chemistry Synthesis of glycopeptides; NMR experiments; molecular dynamic simulations; clinical applications; tumor detection; anticancer vaccines; unnatural antigens; MUC1-like glycopeptides; gold nanoparticles; biofunctionalised nanoparticles; antibody detection; nanoparticle-based vaccine development; mice experimentation. Francisco Corzana López Apply
UR-AGM University of La Rioja Agricultural and Agri-food science; food science and technology.Chemical Science and Technology; chemistry. Food disinfection using direct atmospheric pressure cold plasma; Mechanisms of microbial disinfection of cold plasma; Effects of cold plasma on food quality; Food functionalization using cold plasma; Food contact surface decontamination using cold plasma; Food disinfection using plasma activated water (PAW); Food packaging material processing and in-package food decontamination using cold plasma; Plasma-polymerized functional coatings; Security and safety of cold plasma treated food; Industrial scale-up of cold plasma technology; Data science; Machine learning. Ana Gonzalez Marcos Apply
UR-CDP University of La Rioja Information and Communication Technologies; computer science and information technology. Bioinformatics; machine learning; deep learning; algorithms; computer methods; analysis of digital bioimages; mathematical models; biomedical applications. Cesar Dominguez Perez Apply
UR-CT University of La Rioja Biomedicine; immunology, infection and new therapies.Agricultural and Agri-food sciences; Food science and technology, agriculture and farming. Antibiotic resistance; OneHealth, Humans-Animals-Environment, Resistome and Virulome, Food Security; New Antimicrobials, Antibiotic Resistance Modelling; Antibiotic footprint. Carmen Torres Apply
UR-FA University of La Rioja Economy; economy and its applications Health economics; health care cost analysis; statistical analysis and modelling; informatics models of economic evaluation; chronic diseases; infectious diseases; antibiotics; antimicrobial resistance; epidemiology; life cycle models. Fernando Antoñanzas Apply
UPNA-IM Public University of Navarre Information and Communication Technologies; microelectronics, nanotechnology and photonics. Photonic sensors; biomedical devices; LMR – based optical waveguide sensing platform; detection of DNA or proteins; aqueous environment; Lossy Mode Resonance technology; optical resonators; microfluidic systems; EVs. Ignacio Matias Apply
UPNA-IL Public University of Navarre Bioscience and Biotechnology; biotechnology. Microbial pathogenesis; bacterial gene regulation; signal transduction; biofilms; Bap family proteins; exopolysaccharides; RNA transcription; biotechnology; molecular biology; genetic engineering. Iñigo Lasa Apply
UNIZAR-MR University of Zaragoza Chemical Science and Technology; chemistry. Atomic Spectroscopy; isotopic and elemental analysis; trace levels; biomedical applications; nanotechnology. Martín Resano Apply
UNIZAR-JGB University of Zaragoza Chemical Science and Technology; chemistry. Optical nano biosensors; enzymatic reactions; flavoenzymes; blood clinical parameters (glucose, lipids); continuous monitoring; hemeproteins; biogenic amines; nanomaterials (gold nanoparticles; nanoclusters); theoretical studies; signal modelling; data management; implementation in disposable devices (test strip, lateral flow systems) and smart packaging; digital image detection systems. Javier Galbán Bernal Apply
UDL-DAC University of Lleida Biomedicine;Cancer Molecular oncology; colorectal cancer; genetics; clinical trials; mouse models; patients; therapies; regorafenib; TAS102; predictive biomarker signatures; clinical implementation; microRNA predictors. Diego Arango del Corro Apply