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Ref. University Area; Subarea Key words Supervisor in research group
UNIZAR-JC University of Zaragoza Chemical Science and Technology: chemical engineering. Membrane materials (silicates; zeolites; MOFs, graphene); nanomaterials; hybrid materials (polymer/nanoparticle); energy-efficient separation; gas separation; nanofiltration; pervaporation; osmotic distillation; greenhouse emissions; water purification; micropullants; gas separation (H2/CO2 and CO2/N2 mixtures); CO2 reduction; sustainability; economical rates; membranes scale-up. Joaquin Coronas Apply
UNIZAR-FFA University of Zaragoza Chemical Science and Technology; chemistry. Homogeneous catalysis; organometallic compounds; sustainable chemical processes; hybrid catalysts; nanostructed materials; graphene oxide; carbon nanotubes; immobilized molecular catalyst (silica); chemical transformation of greenhouse gases; sustainability. Francisco J. Fernández Álvarez Apply
UNIZAR-MBN University of Zaragoza Materials Science and Technology; materials for energy and environment. Nanomaterials synthesis; photoactive organometallic complexes; nanostructured materials; composite materials; lighting; energy; photocatalysis. Maria Bernechea Navarro Apply
UNIZAR-MHR University of Zaragoza Energy and Transport; energy. Nanostructured electrodes; energy storage; solar energy conversion into electrochemical energy; light irradiation; supercapacitors; batteries; material science; nanoscience. Marta Haro Remón Apply
UNIZAR-EJP University of Zaragoza Materials Science and Technology; Materials for Energy and Environment. Nanomaterials synthesis; novel catalysts; energy; environment; security; photocatalysis; solar cells and sensors; advanced microscopy analysis; energy harvesting and storage; perovskite solar cells. Emilio J. Juarez-Pérez Apply
UR-DSR University of La Rioja Chemical Science and Technology; chemistry. Photochemistry; Molecular photoswitches; photoprotection; energy storage; light and matter interactions; solar energy storage; computational techniques; experimental process; functionalized chromophores; innovative plastics; thermal energy; indoor conditioning; industrial applications. Diego Sampedro Ruiz Apply
UDL-LFC University of Lleida Energy and Transport; energy. Thermal energy; Energy engineering; sustainability; LCA; thermal energy storage; heat exchange; lab & pilot experiments; technology scale-up; modelling. Luisa F. Cabeza Apply
UDL-JO University of Lleida Agricultural and Agri-food Sciences; agriculture and forestry. Community ecology; Forest pathology; High-throughput sequencing; Pathogenicity trials; Soil experiments; Soil microbiota; Climate change ; Response to drought. Jonàs Oliva Apply
UDL-CF University of Lleida Energy and transport; energy. Artificial intelligence, intelligence control, control strategies, predictive control, deep-learning. César Fernández Apply
UDL-SDM University of Lleida Environmental science and technology; Biodiversity. Agricultural and Agri-food sciences; earth and water sciences, climate and atmosphere, environmental technology, agriculture and forestry. Global forest; ecosystems; biodiversity loss; fire; open data; economic impact; climate change; remote sensing (airborne and satellite LiDAR, imagery); spatial analysis; data science; statistical modelling; big data; multiple scale management (large scale to global level analysis); programming languages (R and Python); artificial intelligence Sergio de Miguel Apply
UDL-GAS University of Lleida Agricultural and Agri-food Sciences; agriculture and forestry. Crop ecophysiology; Mediterranean crops; physiological attributes; genetic bases for yield; betaglucans; crop improvement; extensive crops; barley; wheat. Gustavo A. Slafer Apply
UPNA-AG Public University of Navarre Chemical Science and Technology; chemical engineering. Catalytic performance of metal nanomaterials, photocatalysis, pollutants removal, porous and surface properties of solids, nanoclays, gas adsorption, energy storage, environmental technologies, industrial waste valorization. Antonio Gil Apply
UPNA-IE Public University of Navarre Information and Communication Technologies; communication technologies Electromagnetism; THz inspection; solar cells; radiative cooling; metamaterials; metasurfaces; parameter retrival; energy applications; photovoltaic industry. Iñigo Ederra Apply